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silver repair and renovation

Contact me with all of your silver and other metal items for repair and renovation.

Omani khanjar

Silver Coffee Pot

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An ornamental knife suffering from years of tarnishing and neglect. Removed from its frame, completely repaired, re-plated and re-mounted in its frame ready for hanging.

Handle removed and repaired. Whole coffee pot re-polished and new handle attached.

Old Pewter Wine Pitchers

Silver Plated Sports Awards

Silver Plated Gallery Tray

Silver Tea Service

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Repaired in several places for leaks. Both pieces then left 'tarnished' at the owners request.

Dents and scratches removed from both. Wooden plinth repaired and both re-plated and polished.

Dents removed and the whole tray re-plated and polished. Some repairs also to the gallery strip border on the front side of the tray.

Dents removed, hinged lid repaired, all fixtures made strong and entire service re-plated and polished.

French Procelian Ornamental Lamp

Aztec Enamelled Ornamental Figure

Indian Antique Silver Ring

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Entire lamp broken down, re-wired, polished and re-assembled.

Lamp now cleaned and fully renovated

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A new earring made to match the original. Figure cleaned and polished.

Re-shaped and broken piece re-assembled. Ring made round to fit custom size and polished.

Omani silver necklace

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In need of some tender loving care.

Dismantled and ready for polishing.

Reassembly in action. New cords. All parts polished.

Renovated and reframed. Ready for hanging.

Victorian cheese knife and parmesan shaver

Brass Trumpet

Silver antique ink-well

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Repaired, polished and reassembled.

Slider repaired and re-assembled. Repaired area polished and made good.

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Dismantled in order to make and install a new silver hinge.

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