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from classes and workshops

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Silver wire shaped into a scroll design.

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A sheet pendant pierced into butterfly design.

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A two-part pendant with contrasting textures.

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A cowrie shell was used as inspiration for this pendant.

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Three discs of silver, each with contrasting textures.

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Two silver pendants

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A silver penguin pendant design.

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Reticulation or the process of heating the silver to melting point,

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Contrasting metals were used for added colour on this pendant

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A pierced silver sheet in the shape of a marlin.

cuff links

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Roller printing was used to add detail to these round, curved discs of silver.

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Beaten silver domes, with an added satin finish.

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Clear acrylic and silver were used on these cufflinks.

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Thick silver sheet was used for these cufflinks, presented as a gift to an angler.

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Thick gauge silver was used to create these cufflinks

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Copper sheet was combined with acrylic to make these large cufflinks


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A collection of silver wire rings and silver domed semi-spheres, soldered together and polished.

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An intricate pendant mounted on silver wir

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A necklace in copper. Made of three contrasting pieces each with a different surface finish.

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Existing beads were added to this silver necklace

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Large purple crystals were used to adorn this silver necklace

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Silver wire and sheet combined and soldered.


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A 'buckle' ring

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An outcome from a silver ring workshop

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An outcome from a silver ring workshop

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Silver ring outcomes from a workshop

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An outcome from a silver ring workshop

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An ornate two part ring,

Stacks Image 6946

An acrylic and silver ring with matching earrings.

Stacks Image 6958

Silver wires soldered onto a silver sheet ring.

Stacks Image 6952

A plain silver band with silver and copper bowls added to the top.

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A glass beach pebble set into a silver setting and placed upon a silver band.

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Blue acrylic was shaped into a cube to add colour to this silver wire ring.

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Roller printing was used to decorate the bowl of this ring, which was then fixed to a plain band.

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A plain silver band with a pierced pattern.

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A square ring made from layers of silver and black acrylic.

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Outcomes from a one-off workshop

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This two-finger ring, which uses acrylic sandwiched between two layers of silver

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A double, square wire shank was added to this cluster of silver bowls from an adult student

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Flared strips of silver, soldered together at the base.

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A selection of silver rings made at a one-off workshop,

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A beaten silver rectangle added to a plain sheet band.

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Roller printing was used to add detail to the top silver disc of this ring.

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A group of rings and a pendant

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A large purple crystal was fixed to this silver ring

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A wire ring, with added flower cups,

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This simple, wire ring with added flower and ball detail,

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Four domed, round petals, added to a wire band.

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Silver squares were added to a plain band, then punched with different name initials.

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Ebony was used as the insert if this silver ring

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Red, semi-precious ruby, set in a round silver wire ring setting.

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A frosted finish was added to this ring outcome, then the edges highlighted by burnishing.


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Contrasting finished added to these two-part earrings.

Stacks Image 7115

Beaten bowls with added silver balls.

Stacks Image 7109

Pierced earrings with a textured finish.

Stacks Image 7122

Blue acrylic was added to these earrings for added colour.

Stacks Image 7134

Black acrylic added to polished silver backgrounds.

Stacks Image 7128

Delicate strips of thin twisted silver with a contrasting satin and polished finish.

Stacks Image 7141

Fine silver wire was used as the ear fixing in these earrings,

Stacks Image 7153

Bunches of grapes were used as the inspiration for these earrings,

Stacks Image 7147

Red acrylic was used as an insert to these square wire earrings.

Stacks Image 7160

A selection of jewellery pieces

Stacks Image 7172

Contrasting finishes were added to these silver sheet earrings.

Stacks Image 7166

A pair of earrings which do not rely upon a traditional fixing.

Stacks Image 7179

Round silver wire was used to make these interlocking rings,

Stacks Image 7191

Silver balls, made from molten wire and polished.

Stacks Image 7185

Silver twisted wires, which were then beaten flat and rounded.

bangles & bracelets

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Leather was added to these sheet pieces to form a multi-media cuff.

Stacks Image 7215

A cluster of bangles, each with a different inscription.

Stacks Image 7209

Charms were added to this sheet bangle as ornament.

Stacks Image 7222

Silver rings soldered together flat, then formed into a cuff.

Stacks Image 7234

This buckle cuff uses the spring of the silver to form a locking mechanism.

Stacks Image 7228

An elegant, quite large cuff made in silver wire.

Stacks Image 7241

This bangle was beaten around its centre, forcing the curve to happen.

Stacks Image 7253

Plain silver cuff, with punched, Islamic inspired detail.

Stacks Image 7247

A bangle made from one length of round silver wire, which was flattened at various points.

Stacks Image 7260

A silver and leather bracelet

Stacks Image 7266

Two flowers of silver were added to the ends of a length of silver sheet to create this bangle.

Stacks Image 7282

A molten, reticulated surface was added to this bangle as a surface texture.

Stacks Image 7294

These silver rings were curved and soldered to each other in opposing positions.

Stacks Image 7288

Roller printing was used to add detail to this plain, highly polished band of silver.

by children

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Silver earrings

Stacks Image 7468

Silver earrings

Stacks Image 7462

A butterfly was the inspiration for this necklace m

Stacks Image 7475

The Apple log was used as the inspiration for this square top ring.

Stacks Image 7487

A Celtic themed bangle and ring.

Stacks Image 7481

An open bracelet with a Celtic theme.

Stacks Image 7494

A silver wire and sheet bangle with a Celtic theme.

Stacks Image 7506

Silver wire was used to create this pendant

Stacks Image 7500

A wire and sheet ring

Stacks Image 7513

An initial was used as the theme for this 'S' ring.

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A large silver ring with a jellyfish themed design.

Stacks Image 7519

Molten silver fused together to make a wrist bracelet

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Silver rings

Stacks Image 7544

These Celtic themed pieces produced during a day workshop.

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Copper and silver rings

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Simple wire earrings made at Jumeirah College in Dubai

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by dssilversmith

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A four hour one-off workshop, recently held at the Green Community in Dubai

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Made from silver, copper and 9ct yellow gold, this pendant was based upon the skyline of a town at night. An inscription around the outside of the silver frame reads ‘the night has a thousand eyes’. It is the first of a series which combine quotes and images, which will then be produced as multi-media pendants and rings.
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Unisex leather wrist band with silver plate which can be engraved with words of your own choice

Stacks Image 7783

A chrome buckle is used to fasten the wrist band underneath

Stacks Image 7777

Chrome screw fittings are used to secure the engraved silver plate to your leather wrist band

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Silver wire earrings, with beaten detail used to distort the shape

Stacks Image 7802

Fine 9ct yellow, polished square wire in two contrasting finishes

Stacks Image 7796

A 25fils coin from the UAE was used to add detail to these earrings, suspended on a silver chain

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A selection of satin silver bangles, with added detail in 9ct polished yellow gold wire

Stacks Image 7821

A selection of silver rings which are fused together and polished

Stacks Image 7815

9ct yellow gold was added to the bottom of these silver wire earrings

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Acrylic rings with a 'dot' of polished silver inlaid detail

Stacks Image 7840

Acrylic rings which can be unscrewed to mix different colours together. Contact me to order

Stacks Image 7834

The side view of the acrylic rings to show the effect of the different colour combinations. Contact me to order

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A selection of silver rings which are fused together and polished

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A large 'pebble' was used as the insert for this brass ring, which uses a cabochon setting

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Czech glass from Prague, set into a folded polished brass setting

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A dirham coin mounted into a silver mount as a pendant. Commissions taken for other coins and also as rings

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A large polished silver pendant which then has a beaten texture applied. Available in various shapes and sizes

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A simple heart pendant, highly polished and then curved. Other shapes and personal designs available to order

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Hand painted tiles from Iran are used to add colour to these brass rings. Several designs available. Also in silver

Stacks Image 7897

Tile rings shown from the plan view to illustrate colours available. Please contact me to order

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Tile rings which feature hand-painted ceramics set into silver or brass. Available to order

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An elegant gold and silver wire ring, offset at the join. Other designs available

Stacks Image 7916

Red glass set into a wire setting. Available in other glass designs. Contact me for more details

Stacks Image 7910

A silver ring with a blackened and reticulated surface applied. Can be made to order

Stacks Image 7923

Square 9ct yellow gold earrings. Available to order, also in silver

Stacks Image 7935

A 21st birthday key to be used as a pendant on a long chain. Can also be made as a charm

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A beaten, inverted silver pendant hung on a silver wire. Other designs available as commissions

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